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Tired of sharing your home with unwelcome critters? 
From Ants to Rodents – they’re not just annoying, they can be a threat to your health, property, and peace of mind. 
But fear not:
Buffalo Exterminators is the hassle free way to restore harmony to your haven with expert, eco-friendly pest control solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Locally Owned and Managed Pest Control

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Fast Dependable Service & No Contracts

At Buffalo Exterminators, our certified experts are locally managed by the owner-operator, not an impersonal national chain. Enjoy benefits like:

Immediate service
Flexible appointments
Consistent technicians
Customized solutions
Owner-level attention

Get personalized pest control from experts who answer to you, not a corporate office. For attentive, localized service, call Buffalo Exterminators today.

  • Customized solutions for unique problems: Your property is unique, and so is your pest problem. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll tailor a strategic plan that targets your specific infestation, ensuring maximum effectiveness and lasting results.
  • Competitive prices that won’t bite: Keeping your property pest-free shouldn’t break the bank. We offer affordable, transparent pricing that fits any budget, so you can focus on enjoying your pest-free haven, not worrying about the bill.
  • Safe for your family and friendly to the planet: We care about your well-being and the environment. We use eco-friendly, family-safe products and methods, so you can rest assured knowing both people and our planet are protected.

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How to Get Rid of Pests in 3 Easy Steps 

Step 1

Call us and tell us about your pest problem.

Step 2

We'll send you a qualified and trained technician to assess and treat your property

Step 3

We'll follow up with you to ensure your satisfaction and provide ongoing support

Why You Need Pest Control Now

Pests can cause serious health risks and property damages if left untreated. They can affect your reputation and business if they are seen by your customers or clients. They also multiply quickly and become harder and more expensive to control when left unchecked.

Don’t wait, call us today and get a free inspection!

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We Offer:

Institutional Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control
Residential Pest Control

Our Network of Pest Experts Can Provide

With ongoing pest control, you’re not just treating the problem when it arises; you’re actively preventing it from happening in the first place.

Regular inspections and treatments create a protective barrier around your home, keeping those pesky ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other unwelcome visitors at bay

Free-onsite inspections
Free estimate/ treatment plan
100% service warranty
Residential and Commercial services
We do Institutional services
Natural pest control available upon request
Ongoing Pest Control

Pest Control Services We Provide


Sleep soundly again. Warrantied elimination of roaches & their creepy crawly crew. Prevent disease, allergies, and property damage!
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Bed Bugs

Say goodbye to sleepless nights! Our targeted treatments ensure restful nights, pest-free. Maintain property value — Protect your investment from the stigma & cost of bed bugs.
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Mice & Rats

Silence the squeaks, no more gnawing fears: Stop property damage & potential fire hazards caused by rodents. Prevent disease & allergy triggers. Protect your family's health from unwanted guests.
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Repel pesky mosquitos & reclaim your summer evenings. Protect yourself & loved ones from mosquito-borne illnesses.
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Stop the Invasion Before They Take Over! Kitchens & pantries pest-free: Enjoy your food without unwanted visitors scurrying around. Protect your property from ant infestations that can harm wood & foundations.
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Forget the scratching and sleepless nights. We will banish those tiny tormentors from your home and pet's fur. We'll zap 'em with safe, effective treatments, leaving your furry friend itch-free and happy.
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Our meticulous inspections, potent treatments, and expert advice will leave your yard and home tick-free, protecting your precious pups and family from nasty illnesses.
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Repel those annoying buzzers: Enjoy your meals & outdoor spaces without fly infestations. Prevent foodborne illness. Protect your health from fly-borne bacteria & contamination.
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Turn your property Sting-free! Safeguard your outdoor gatherings: Enjoy BBQs & picnics without the fear of wasp stings. Protect children and pets. Eliminate the risk of painful and  potentially dangerous wasp encounters.
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No More Pests, No More Stress

  • Enjoy a fast and reliable service with our same-day and emergency response. 
  • Ensure the safety and comfort of your family, employees, and customers with our certified and insured service
  • Benefit from our long-term and comprehensive solutions to keep pests away for good
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Get Rid of Pests for Good

Our warranty treatments will eliminate your pest problem at the source, saving you time and money on costly damages. 

No more ruined food or clothing, unhygienic living spaces, or sleepless nights.

A pest-free home provides health benefits for your family and protects the value of your property. Experience our customer-recommended service for yourself.