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If you’ve noticed small, quick-moving insects lurking around your Buffalo Metro area property, you likely have a cockroach problem that requires professional extermination services. Cockroaches carry bacteria, spread filth, and can quickly infest homes and businesses when left unchecked. 

As experienced pest control experts serving the Buffalo Metro area, we know how to get rid of cockroaches through customized solutions. We’ll inspect your property, determine the extent of the infestation, and create a thorough cockroach extermination plan tailored to your situation. 

Don’t let cockroaches negatively impact your life. With Buffalo Exterminators as your partner, you can say goodbye to cockroaches once and for all.

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Most Common Cockroach Species in the Buffalo Metro area

Understanding the type of cockroaches invading your home or business allows our exterminators to craft a more effective treatment plan. Here are the cockroach varieties we most often encounter in the Buffalo Metro area:

German Cockroaches

The German cockroach is small in size, ranging from 1/2 to 5/8 inches long. They are light brown with two dark stripes running down their backs. German cockroaches are especially problematic because they reproduce very quickly, with females producing up to 400 offspring in their lifetime.

They also carry various diseases, including E. coli, salmonella, and dysentery. They can spread these illnesses by contaminating surfaces, food, and other items they come into contact with. 

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Slightly larger than German cockroaches at 5/8 to 1 inch long, brown-banded cockroaches are tan to dark brown with lighter bands across their wings and abdomen. While not as likely to transmit illness, brown-banded cockroaches can release a foul odor and their feces stains surfaces.

These cockroaches are skilled climbers, able to scale walls and ceilings with ease. They nest high up in cracks, corners, and clutter. 

American Cockroaches

The largest common species, American cockroaches, grow over 1 1/2 inches long. They are a reddish brown color with yellow bands around their bodies. American cockroaches prefer damp, humid environments and reproduce rapidly in sewers, basements, etc.

Although not typically carriers of disease, American cockroaches can provoke allergies and asthma with their droppings and shed skin. Their size also makes them more visually disturbing in homes or businesses.

Oriental Cockroaches

Identifiable by their shiny black bodies, oriental cockroaches measure about 1 inch long at maturity. They give off a strong musty odor and are mainly found in damp basements, drains, sewers, and other excessively moist areas.

Oriental cockroaches leave a residue wherever they travel, damaging walls, floors, etc. They are also known to invade other areas through pipes and drains..

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Why Choose Buffalo Exterminators for Cockroach Control?

When cockroaches overrun your property, you need the pest control experts at Buffalo Exterminators to take care of the problem. Here’s what makes us the top choice for cockroach extermination in the Buffalo Metro area:

  • Over 10 years of experience successfully eliminating cockroach infestations
  • Highly-trained exterminators equipped with industry-leading tools and solutions
  • We determine the exact type of cockroaches present and extent of the infestation through thorough inspection
  • Custom treatment plans tailored to your situation and the species of cockroach detected
  • We address entry points and use interior and exterior treatments to remove all cockroaches on your property
  • Follow-up cockroach treatments ensure extermination and ongoing prevention
  • Our exterminators are reliable, courteous, and committed to your satisfaction
  • Available for emergency cockroach infestations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Affordable pricing and financing options – no cockroach infestation is too big or small for us to tackle!

Trust Our 10+ Years of Experience – Choose Buffalo Exterminators for Effective Cockroach Control in the Buffalo Metro area

What You Can Expect from Our Cockroach Extermination Service

When you choose Buffalo Exterminators for cockroach control in the Buffalo Metro area, you can expect a customized treatment plan tailored to your specific infestation. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your home or business and identify all possible pest entry points and harborage areas. 

Our exterminators use integrated pest management techniques to eliminate current cockroach populations and prevent future ones. From liquid sprays and dusts to baits and traps, we utilize the latest products and methods to get rid of cockroaches at all stages of their life cycle. 

We’ll even treat adjacent units if necessary to fully break the reproductive cycle! Our cockroach treatments are designed to be long-lasting, while also safe for humans and pets when applied correctly.

Our Cockroach Extermination Process

When you contact Buffalo Exterminators for cockroach control, we follow a proven process:

  1. Thorough Inspection

We’ll inspect all possible pest entry points and harborage areas in your home or business to fully understand the scope of your cockroach infestation.

  1. Identification & Assessment

We identify all cockroach species present and assess the size and locations of the populations to customize our treatment plan.

  1. Targeted Treatment

We utilize the optimal combination of spray pesticides, dusts, baits, traps and insect growth regulators based on inspection findings. Treatments target both visible cockroaches and hidden nesting areas.

  1. Follow-Up & Prevention

We schedule follow-up treatments as needed to eliminate any remaining pests. We’ll also provide tips to help prevent future cockroach problems.

  1. Satisfaction Guarantee 

If cockroaches return between scheduled treatments, we’ll come back out free of charge to address the issue.

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Preventing Cockroach Infestations

While cockroaches can enter any property in search of food and shelter, certain proactive measures make your home or business less attractive:

  1. Keep all areas clean and dry. Fix any water leaks and avoid moisture buildup.
  2. Seal cracks, crevices, and other potential entry points. Cockroaches can squeeze into surprisingly small spaces.
  3. Store food in sealed containers and limit available food sources. Don’t leave pet food out overnight.
  4. Take out the garbage regularly and keep trash cans tightly closed.
  5. Prevent clutter such as stacks of paper, materials, or debris.
  6. Contact a pest control company right away if you see signs of cockroaches.

By understanding the conditions cockroaches seek out, you can make your property less hospitable and minimize the risk of an infestation taking hold. But if cockroaches have already invaded, don’t delay – act now by calling Buffalo Exterminators.

Don’t Let Cockroaches Take Over!

Don’t live with a cockroach problem any longer – call Buffalo Exterminators now at +17168002847 for industry-leading cockroach control services! Our team will eliminate your cockroach infestation, keep them from coming back, and give you peace of mind. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

You may also contact us online to schedule an inspection and get a customized cockroach control solution. We service homes and businesses across the Buffalo Metro area and all surrounding areas.


How do you know if I have cockroaches?

Telltale signs of cockroaches include seeing live or dead cockroaches, molted skins, egg cases, and dark specks from droppings. We inspect thoroughly to determine if cockroaches are present.

How often will you need to treat cockroaches?

For heavy infestations, we recommend returning every 2 weeks until under control, then monthly preventative treatments. We customize frequency based on severity.

What should I do to prepare for the cockroach treatment?

Clear any clutter blocking treatment areas, cover fish tanks, remove pets during service, and refrain from wiping away treatment for 2 weeks.

What precautions do your cockroach treatments have?

When applied correctly, our products used for cockroach control are safe for humans and pets. We’ll advise you of any temporary precautions needed.

How quickly will I see results from cockroach treatments?

Most cockroaches will be eliminated after initial treatment, though it takes time to fully break their lifecycle. Contact us if issues persist between scheduled visits.

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