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Living in the Buffalo Metro area should feel like paradise, but rodents can turn your property into a nightmare. Rats and mice don’t just creep you out, they spread disease, contaminate food, and damage your home.

You need humane, effective rodent control from experts you can trust. That’s where Buffalo Exterminators comes in.

As the top exterminator in WNY, we’ve mastered the art of keeping these unwanted critters out for good. Our customized solutions use eco-friendly methods to kick mice, rats, and squirrels to the curb.

Enjoy pest-free living in the Buffalo Metro area with Buffalo Exterminators as your partner in rodent control.

Why Rodent Control Is Critical

Rodents seem harmless enough, but these pesky creatures can cause significant destruction and health hazards if left unchecked. 

Rodent droppings and urine spread germs and bacteria leading to diseases like salmonella, leptospirosis, and hantavirus. They also carry fleas, mites, and ticks into homes.

Rodents have lightning-fast reproductive rates, so two mice can quickly become two hundred in just a few months. Rat infestations are even harder to control given their larger litter sizes. Waiting to take action allows the problem to grow exponentially worse.

Rodents also damage property by:

  • Chewing through walls, insulation, wood, and wiring. This can lead to structural weakness and electrical fires.
  • Spreading viruses that can make pets sick. Dogs and cats may prey on infected rodents and get ill themselves.
  • Contaminating food through contact or proximity. One mouse drops between 40-100 droppings per day.

Don’t live with rodents another day. Contact Buffalo Exterminators today at (716) 800-2847 for a customized rodent control solution.

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Why Choose Buffalo Exterminators for Rodent Control

Pest Control Expertise

With years and years of pest control experience under our toolbelt, we’ve seen it all. We know how rodents think, where they hide, and how to stop them in their tiny tracks. Consider us the rodent control experts in your corner.

Locally Owned and Operated

You want pest control without the impersonal, corporate feel. At Buffalo Exterminators, we’re owner-operated with roots in WNY. Expect white-glove service from technicians who care about your unique needs.

Eco-Friendly Methods

We use the most humane, eco-friendly rodent control methods available. From exterior exclusion to internal traps, our green solutions protect your home without harming the environment.

Custom Rodent Control Solutions

No two infestations are alike, so we tailor a strategic plan that targets your specific situation. Maximum effectiveness, minimum hassle.

Unparalleled Customer Service

For us, you’re family. We answer calls 24/7, arrive on-time, explain every step, and follow up to ensure your complete satisfaction. Your trust means everything.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Competitive pricing with no hidden fees – that’s our promise. We want you focused on enjoying your rodent-free home, not worrying about your bill.

Rodent Control Designed for Your Property

Since every home or business is unique, we tailor our rodent control program to your specific needs. This strategic approach maximizes effectiveness while minimizing environmental impact.

During the inspection, we identify factors that attract and support rodents on your property. Then we develop a customized treatment plan targeting the root causes of your infestation.

For example, we may seal entry points, install exclusion devices, or modify landscaping to deny rodents access. For active infestations, we use discreet, tamper-resistant bait stations placed along runs and near burrows. Any necessary rodenticides are EPA-registered and contained to avoid contact with people and pets.

For commercial properties like restaurants and offices, we emphasize sanitation and structural modifications along with trapping and exclusion. Continuous pest management services ensure rodents don’t return over time.

No More Unwanted Visitors

Thanks to Buffalo Exterminators’ strategic solutions, you can:

  • Enjoy pest-free living without disruptive rodents
  • Protect your family’s health and safety
  • Safeguard your home from damage
  • Keep food contamination at bay
  • Maintain your property’s reputation and value

Breathe easy knowing there’s no rodent infestation too big (or too small) for our expert team to handle. We’re your partners in effective, affordable rodent control.

Give us a call today and we’ll design a customized plan to get your home rodent-free. Live peacefully again – you deserve it.

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