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As a home or business owner in the Buffalo Metro area, you know how frustrating fly infestations can be. At Buffalo Exterminators, we understand the nuisance fly problems can cause and we offer comprehensive fly control services to help. 

With our localized expertise and effective treatments, we can rid your property of flies and keep them away for good.

What Makes Fly Infestations a Concern in the Buffalo Metro area?

Flies can transmit dangerous diseases by carrying pathogens on their bodies that they pick up from garbage, feces, or rotting organic matter. They then transfer these pathogens to human food, surfaces, and even people directly through regurgitation or defecation. Diseases spread by flies include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Food poisoning
  • Typhoid fever
  • Dysentery

Flies are also associated with unsanitary conditions that enable breeding. Lack of proper sanitation like overflowing garbage and untreated sewage provide ideal breeding grounds. Fly infestations often point to unhygienic conditions that can cause illness.

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Why Choose Buffalo Exterminators for Fly Control?

With decades of pest management experience, our team has the knowledge to tackle fly issues in the Buffalo Metro area. We are locally owned and operated, so we understand the climate, conditions, and fly species in this region. 

Whether in a commercial or residential space, our experts have years of global experience in detecting and making the environment free of flies. They have been trained in the best technologies to provide you with the best outcome. We ensure complete eradication by treating both the larvae and the adult flies.

When you work with us, rest assured that we:

  • Only use advanced and safe products.
  • Offer affordable services for commercial and residential properties
  • Provide high-level customer service
  • Do free-onsite inspections, free estimation and treatment plan
  • Guarantee a 100% success rate
  • Provide Institutional services
  • Fulfill the Natural pest control request

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Understanding Flies and Their Impact

Getting to the root of fly problems requires understanding which species are present and why they are attracted to the area. 

The most troublesome fly species found indoors in the Buffalo Metro area are:

TypeAttracted ToRisks
House FliesFood waste and filthCapable of transmitting dangerous bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and shigellosis by landing on food. A major public health concern.
Fruit FliesOverripe fruit and vegetables, plus drains and moist organic matterMost problematic in kitchens and bathrooms. While not as dangerous as house flies, large infestations indicate sanitation problems.
Drain/Phorid FliesAssociated with sewers and drains containing organic matterCan emerge indoors in large numbers. A clear sign of plumbing issues and unsanitary conditions requiring attention.
Fungus GnatsDamp soil with fungal growth, often around houseplantsMainly a nuisance fly that indicates overly moist soil.

While controlling adult flies is important, addressing breeding sites is key to preventing ongoing infestations. Our fly control program identifies and eliminates fly sources, keeps out new flies, and monitors for any persistent issues. 

We understand flies and how to solve problems at the root cause, providing effective and long-lasting relief for homes and businesses.

Our Fly Extermination Process

At Buffalo Exterminators, we take a strategic approach to fly control based on thoroughly inspecting, identifying, and understanding fly issues in your home or business.

Our trained technicians will conduct an exhaustive interior and exterior inspection to pinpoint all potential factors enabling fly infestations:

  1. Fly Identification: All fly species present are identified and the extent of the infestation assessed. Knowing the type of flies informs treatment plans.
  1. Entry Points: Cracks, gaps, open doors/windows, or other places flies can enter are checked. Sealing entry ways is key for control.
  1. Breeding Sites: Garbage cans, floor drains, moist organic matter, and any location where flies could be breeding and laying eggs. Breeding sites must be removed.
  1. Attractants: Food waste, dirty dishes, standing water, leaky pipes, overripe produce, and anything drawing flies in. Attractants allow flies to thrive once inside.
  1. Environmental Factors: Conditions like moisture, temperature, and availability of breeding sites that enable flies to multiply quickly. These must be addressed.
  1. Sanitation Issues: Any hygiene or cleanliness issues contributing to fly problems. Proper sanitation and waste disposal helps control flies.

After thoroughly inspecting your property, we provide a customized fly control plan outlining our findings, recommended treatment options, and steps you can take to help eliminate flies and prevent future infestations. Our strategic inspections and plans set the stage for effective, long-term fly control.

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For Homes

We focus on interior treatment and prevention, sealing up entry points, installing fly lights in key areas, applying targeted sprays and baits where flies hide and breed, and treating outdoor refuse bins. We also provide tips on maintaining hygiene and sanitation to discourage future fly problems.

Commercial Sites 

For business establishments like restaurants, offices, retail spaces, and industrial buildings, we conduct extensive exterior treatments to reduce the adult fly population with perimeter sprays. For interior areas, we use methods like mist fogging, drain treatments, and professional-grade fly light traps to clear large infestations. We also address any sanitation or structural conditions contributing to the problem.

Our Unique Approaches for Different Types of Flies

At Buffalo Exterminators, we tailor our treatments and solutions based on the specific fly species infesting a home or business:

Fly TypeTreatment Approach
House FliesEmphasize sanitation and waste management. Mist fogging and surface spraying treats active infestations. Fly light traps help capture house flies.
Fruit FliesDrain treatments with foams and gels. Remove and dispose of breeding sources like produce and waste.
Drain/Phorid FliesThoroughly clean drains, apply drain foams and gels, use plumbing modifications to remove moist organic matter.
Fungus GnatsSoil treatments with insecticidal drenches. Repot plants in fresh, dry soil.
Spotted LanternfliesPerimeter sprays, tree banding, installed fly bag traps on affected vegetation.

Regardless of the fly type, our exterminators have specialized expertise and solutions to eliminate current infestations and prevent recurrent fly issues. Contact us today for a customized fly control plan for your home or business.

Fly Prevention Tips and Long-Term Protection

While professional fly treatments are critical for eliminating existing infestations, property owners can also implement important preventative measures to avoid future fly issues and minimize re-infestation risks:

  1. Clean up food spills right away, take out trash or recycle regularly, and rinse all cans or bottles before disposal..
  2. Repair any leaky pipes, drips, condensation, or damp areas. Flies are attracted to moisture. Ensure proper drainage around the structure.
  3. Use high quality screens with a tight mesh on all doors and windows to keep flies out of the home.
  4. Disinfect counters, regularly scrub floors, and fix unsanitary conditions that can attract flies.
  5. Trim back dense bushes, prune trees touching the building, and avoid overwatering gardens/lawns. This denies flies shelter and breeding spots.
  6. Caulk and fill any openings along the exterior, around windows and doors, pipe penetrations, and other potential entry points. Don’t give flies access.
  7. Use seals or lids on bins, line with plastic bags, and sanitize regularly to reduce odors that attract flies.

Implementing these proactive measures denies flies food, shelter, moisture, and access into a property. Ongoing prevention helps ensure flies don’t return after professional treatment eliminates an infestation. Contact us to discuss long-term fly protection for your property.

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How We Ensure Long-term Fly Protection

For ongoing defense against future fly infestations after our treatments, we provide:

  • Expert advice on maintaining fly-proof conditions at your property
  • Ongoing mesh inlet/outlet vent covers to prevent indoor fly access
  • Follow-up interior fly light installations as needed
  • Perimeter fly bait stations for continued control
  • Optional ongoing quarterly treatments to stop seasonal fly activity
  • Priority scheduling for clients needing repeat fly services

With our comprehensive treatments and prevention plan, we can help ensure your home or business stays fly-free for the long run.

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What are the best ways to get rid of flies?

The most effective fly treatments include sealing entry points, applying targeted sprays and baits, installing fly lights, thoroughly cleaning drains, improving sanitation and waste disposal, trimming vegetation, and caulking exterior openings.

How do you prevent future fly problems after an infestation?

Prevent flies by quickly cleaning spills, taking out trash regularly, repairing leaks, installing tight screens, disinfecting surfaces, caulking openings, sealing trash bins, and pruning bushes/trees around a property. Ongoing prevention is key.

What attracts flies into a home or business?

Flies are attracted to food waste, dirty dishes, standing water, leaky pipes, overripe produce, and unsanitary conditions. Fixing these issues and improving cleanliness helps get rid of flies.

Why hire professionals to get rid of flies?

Exterminators have the expertise to identify fly species, pinpoint breeding sources, customize effective treatments for infestations, and implement prevention measures. This resolves problems long-term.

How long does it take to get rid of a fly infestation?

With proper inspection, identification, and customized treatment plans, our professionals can eliminate fly infestations within 3-5 days in most cases. We ensure flies are gone and provide ongoing prevention.

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