Michael Perrino

Pest Researcher and Education Specialist

As a Pest Education Specialist, my role focuses on translating real-world pest control industry knowledge into educational resources and content aimed at empowering customers with valuable information.

What I do at Buffalo Exterminators is:

  1. Collaborating with Technicians: Working closely with the company’s team of pest technicians to gain comprehensive insights into pest biology, behaviors, habitats, and effective control methods. This firsthand pest knowledge is invaluable for developing impactful marketing strategies.
  2. Translating Technical Expertise: Taking pest information and findings from technicians, often composed of diverse, or unrelated elements, and translating them into clear, consumer-friendly language and compelling content for marketing purposes. This ensures pest expertise is effectively communicated to target audiences.
  3. Identifying Marketing Opportunities and content development: Analyzing pest data and technician insights to uncover unique marketing angles, service offerings, and educational content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, and social media campaigns that resonate with potential customers and positions the company as an authoritative pest control leader.
  4. Consumer Research: Gathering feedback from pest technicians on common customer pain points, frequently asked questions, and misunderstandings related to pest issues, to inform customer-centric marketing strategies.