Bed Bug Infestations are High in Buffalo NY

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Buffalo, NY, has a high rate of Bud Bug infestations and consistently ranks among the top 50 cities nationwide with the highest bed bug infestation rates. The following factors contribute to the high bed bug infestation rates in Buffalo, NY:

1.     Urban Density: Buffalo is a densely populated city with many apartment complexes, making it easier for bed bugs to spread from one unit to another.

2.     Travel and Tourism: Buffalo’s proximity to major tourist attractions, including Niagara Falls, leads to a high volume of travelers. Bed bugs are often transported via luggage, clothing, and other personal items.

3.     Public Transportation: The use of public transportation, where bed bugs can hitch a ride on clothing or bags, can contribute to their spread.

4.     High Turnover in Rental Properties: Frequent movement of tenantsin rental properties can lead to increased opportunities for bed bug infestations.

5.     Lack of Awareness and Prevention: In some cases, a lack of awareness about bed bug prevention and control measures can lead to higher infestation rates.

6.     Socioeconomic Factors: Lower-income areas might experience higher infestation rates due to limited resources for pest control and prevention measures.

7.     Secondhand Furniture and Clothing: The purchase ofsecondhand furniture and clothing can be a source of bed bug introduction into homes.

These factors combined create an environment where bed bugs can easily spread and establish infestations, contributing to the higher rates seen in Buffalo.

Bed bugs are typically introduced into a home setting through several commonmethods:

1. Visitors and Guests: Friends or family members who have bed bugs in their own homes can unknowingly bring them into your home on their clothing or personal items.

2. Workplaces and Schools: Bed bugs can be picked up from infested workplaces, schools, or other public places and transported home on clothing, bags, or other belongings.

3. Shared Laundry Facilities: Using shared laundry facilities in apartments or laundromats can spread bed bugs from one person’s belongings to another.

4. Neighboring Infestations: In multi-unit buildings, bed bugs can travel between units through walls, electrical outlets, and plumbing.

5. Personal Belongings: Bed bugs can hide in personal items such as backpacks, purses, and briefcases and can be brought into the home after visiting infested areas.

Once introduced, bed bugs can quickly establish themselves in various hiding spots within the home, such as mattresses, box springs, bed frames, furniture, and cracks and crevices, making eradication challenging without professional intervention. Should you need experienced help with a bed bug infestations in the Buffalo metro area, call on Buffalo Exterminators to fix the problem.

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