The 7 Most Common Insect Complaints in Buffalo, NY

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The 7 Most Common Insect Pests Plaguing Buffalo, NY Homeowners

Buffalo, New York residents face a variety of insect challenges throughout the year. From the buzzing nuisance of mosquitoes to the secretive invasions of bed bugs, homeowners in this region must contend with a diverse array of pests. This guide explores the seven most prevalent insect issues affecting Buffalo homes, providing essential information to help you identify, prevent, and address these common invaders.

  1. Mosquitoes:
       – Peak activity from late spring through early fall
       – Breed in standing water (ponds, puddles, bird baths)
       – Can transmit West Nile virus and other diseases
       – Often most active at dawn and dusk
       – Control methods include eliminating standing water and using repellents
       – Buffalo’s proximity to water bodies (Lake Erie, Niagara River) creates ideal breeding conditions
       – Warm, humid summers support mosquito populations
  2. Ticks:
       – Most common are deer ticks and dog ticks
       – Active from early spring through late fall
       – Transmit Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses
       – Found in wooded areas, tall grass, and leaf litter
       – Prevention involves wearing protective clothing and using tick repellents
       – Abundant wooded areas and parks in and around Buffalo provide suitable habitats
       – Increasing deer populations contribute to tick prevalence
  3. Carpenter ants:
       – Large, black ants that nest in wood
       – Often indicate moisture problems in structures
       – Can cause significant structural damage over time
       – Typically more active at night
       – Control requires locating and treating the nest, often within wall voids
       – Older housing stock in Buffalo is more susceptible to infestations
       – Humid climate can lead to moisture issues, attracting these ants
  4. Bed bugs:
       – Small, reddish-brown insects that feed on blood
       – Often spread through travel and second-hand furniture
       – Cause itchy bites and psychological distress
       – Difficult to eradicate without professional help
       – Require thorough treatment of affected areas and belongings
       – Urban environment with high population density facilitates spread
       – Difficulty and cost of eradication make them a significant worry
  5. German cockroaches:
       – Small, light brown roaches with two dark stripes behind the head
       – Reproduce quickly and are difficult to control
       – Often found in kitchens and bathrooms
       – Can trigger allergies and asthma
       – Control requires a combination of sanitation, exclusion, and targeted treatments
       – Adapt well to urban environments like Buffalo
       – Older buildings and multi-unit housing provide ideal habitats
  6. Yellow jackets and wasps:
       – Aggressive, especially when nests are disturbed
       – Build nests in the ground, trees, or structures
       – Populations peak in late summer
       – Can sting multiple times, posing a serious threat to allergic individuals
       – Professional removal is often recommended for large nests
       – Buffalo’s climate supports robust populations
  7. Cluster flies:
       – Larger than house flies, with golden hairs on the thorax
       – Enter homes in fall to overwinter in wall voids and attics
       – Become active on warm winter days, appearing in windows
       – Don’t reproduce indoors but can be a significant nuisance
       – Control focuses on preventing entry and removing trapped flies
       – Buffalo’s cold winters drive these flies to seek shelter in homes
       – Older homes may have more entry points for these pests

Each of these pests presents unique challenges and may require different control strategies. Professional pest management is often the most effective approach for severe infestations. Should you have an issue with insects or rodents in your home call the experts at Buffalo Exterminators.

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