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Buffalo’s Rodent Problem

All big cities have problems with rats. They go where they can easily find food. Rodents are a major concern…
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Stop Rodent Problems without Long-Term Contracts. Rodent Exclusion. 

At Buffalo Exterminators, we like to take care of rodent problems so that they can be solved by excluding pests…
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How Help Prevent Rodents in you Home

Before understanding prevention methods, it's vital to comprehend why rodents are attracted to your home: Warmth: As temperatures change, especially during…
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Why can rodent infestations increase after a snow thaw?

There are a few key reasons why rodent infestations often spike after a snow storm starts to thaw: So in…
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Do ultrasonic rodent repellers work?

For mice and rats, we’ve seen some limited success with ultrasonic and electronic repellers over short periods. But rodents are…
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