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At Buffalo Exterminators, we like to take care of rodent problems so that they can be solved by excluding pests from your home whenever possible. 

Some companies might let rodent issues slide by focusing on trapping and removal instead of exclusion. This may seem cheaper, but it locks you into long-term contracts for ongoing service. 

Residential customers may be less knowledgeable about pest control and more easily misled by companies claiming that ongoing monthly services are necessary, even when a one or two-time treatment could have resolved the issue.

At Buffalo Exterminators, we have trained techs and handyman services available to identify pest entry points and make necessary patches or repairs. Our Rodent Exclusion service has a four-step process that will save you money over time by eliminating or drastically reducing rodent problems. 

The process is as follows and doesn’t require long-term contracts. 

Inspection and Identification of Entry Points

The first step in the rodent exclusion process is a thorough inspection of the inside and outside of the property to identify all potential entry points and access routes used by rodents. This involves carefully examining the foundation, walls, roof, utility lines, vents, doors, windows, and other structural areas for any cracks, holes, gaps, or openings that rodents could squeeze through.

Sealing and Repairing Entry Points

Once the entry points are identified, the pest control technicians seal them up using appropriate materials like steel wool, caulk, metal sheeting, escutcheon plates, and concrete. The goal is to create a complete barrier that denies rodents any ability to chew or squeeze through the openings and gain access to the property’s interior.

Eliminating Harborage Areas

In addition to sealing entry points, the technicians also address any potential harborage locations, such as piles of debris or clutter, that could attract rodents to the property. Removing these hiding spots and food sources helps deter rodents from residence.

Educating Customers

The pest control technician educates the property owners or tenants on preventative measures they can take, such as proper food storage, waste management, and maintaining a clean environment.

If you have an issue with rodent control in the Buffalo metro area, including Erie and Niagara Counties, don’t hesitate to call Buffalo Exterminators. 

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