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All big cities have problems with rats. They go where they can easily find food. Rodents are a major concern in the Buffalo, NY, area as it consistently ranks in the top 50 of America’s more rodent-infested cities. Here’s an overview of the rodent situation in Buffalo:
1.     Mice:
o    House mice are common indoor pests
o    Enter homes seeking warmth and food, especially in fall and winter
o    Can squeeze through very small openings
o    Reproduce quickly, leading to rapid infestations
2.      Rats:
o    Both Norway rats (sewer rats) and roof rats can be issues
o    Often found in urban areas, near garbage, or in sewers
o    Can cause significant property damage
o    Potential vectors for various diseases
Rodents are particularly problematic in Buffalo due to:
·         Older housing stock: Many older homes have more entry points for rodents
·         Cold winters: Drives rodents to seek shelter indoors
·         Urban environment: Provides ample food sources and harborage areas
·         Proximity to water bodies: Supports rodent populations
Rodent control is a priority for Buffalo’s public health department, as these pests can:
·         Contaminate food
·         Spread diseases
·         Cause property damage
·         create fire hazards by chewing on wires
Effective rodent control typically involves a combination of exclusion methods (sealing entry points), sanitation practices, and targeted treatments. The city often runs rodent control programs to address this ongoing issue. Should you have a problem with rodent infestations in your home or business call for professional help to help eliminate this problem quickly.

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